Recruitment and training activities

Recruitment and training activities

Recruitment and training outsourcing activity slowed down during the last financial year but it appears to be picking up in a big way after what has been a relatively slow period. Over the last year there have been a number of acquisitions and mergers of some of the bigger players in the market, such as the creation of Aon Hewitt, a result of the merger of Hewitt Associates and Aon Corporation, a move which pretty much guarantees the retention of a global market share and reputation in the industry. Last year also saw the acquisition of Convergys’s HT management division by NorthgateArinso, a purchase which has made the latter the biggest HR outsourcer in the world.


There are also healthy signs of growth in jobs in closely related markets, with the amount of money being spent on HR consulting increasing to around 11 per cent of all money spent on consulting during 2011’s first quarter. Compare this to the figure of around 1 per cent that it held at the lowest point of the recession. A great part of this upsurge is a result of a rise in the number of recruitment service acquisitions occurring. However, this can also simply be put down to a genuine increase in demand for services such as HR outsourcing, with financial service workforce solutions being a big need at the moment, and services like payroll being greatly in demand. Be a part of this growth. Let us help you take the first step toward a better career.

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Recruitment and training activities

Here at the Recruitment and Training site we want to help you get on. Did you know for instance how much your CV says about you?

Did you realize that the critical factor when compiling your CV is actually whether the CV demonstrates your mindset? It needs to show that you can take the initiative and achieve results. So instead of saying something like “I supervised the customer service team for retail operations”, it should say “I coordinated and led the customer service team to improve satisfaction for retail operations by 29% in six months by harvesting best practices from unrelated industries”.

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